Our energy

When you live in Amsterdam, it is possible to use electricity that is produced locally, with solar panels on Amsterdam roofs, or with wind turbines in the port area.
Amsterdam Energie is a provider of locally harvested, sustainable energy.
If and when you decide to buy electricity and/or gas from Amsterdam Energie, you also automatically become a member of our co-operative. This gives you rights. To vote at our annual General Assembly. Or to participate in our solar and wind projects.

How does this work?

Check and read the page ‘About us’. It will give you some background on Amsterdam Energie and its relationship to the collective om | nieuwe energie. om | nieuwe energie (‘turn | new energy’) is a collective of around sixty Dutch local energy co-operatives that produce sustainable energy. Someone decided to brand the collective with this infuriating spelling of its name.
om | nieuwe energie takes care of the business side of things. We, Amsterdam Energie, do not send you bills and monthly updates of your energy use. That’s om’s job.
When you decide to become their client for electricity and/or gas, you will also become a member of your local co-operative. If you live in or near Amsterdam, you will become a member of Amsterdam Energie. This does not mean you need to do anything extra. You can become as actively involved as you wish.


You like democracy? om | nieuwe energie and the co-operatives are owned by their members. We do not have shareholders and investors and we do not sell stock. The members have decided to work towards growth, so that more people will be able to buy and consume sustainable energy that is locally produced. Producing energy locally is far more efficient than letting it travel over long distances. More customers mean less overhead per customer, and more money that flows towards the realisation of energy projects and local innovation. om | nieuwe energie does not offer discounts to new customers like some other energy companies do. We collectively decided this money should be put to other use: lower costs for all members, more money to invest in new projects.
We do not currently sell green gas, sustainably produced gas. Unfortunately, that is not a viable option yet.

Want to become a client of om | nieuwe energie?

You can find the application form here. It follows a five-step scheme that uses icons to help you fill in the questions. It is useful if you can provide what you currently use in electricity and/or gas. This info you find on your bill.
After you have answered the five questions, the site offers you a few options. What kind of contract would you like? 1 year for a fixed price, 2 years or 3 years, and an option called ‘variabel’, that runs indefinitely, but that you may cancel at a month’s notice.

om | nieuwe energie will take care of your current contract and make sure your current energy provider is notified that you want to cancel and move to a new provider. In case you currently have a contract with another energy provider that still has some months to run, your contract with om | nieuwe energie starts after your current contract expires. om | nieuwe energie also notifies us, so that we can welcome you as a new member of our co-operative. We will notify you through our newsletters about what is going on at Amsterdam Energie. We have been adding an notice in English to our newsletters, with our main news.

In case you are moving to a new address within the city and you want to take the opportunity to change providers: you need to notify your old provider yourself that you are cancelling their service at your old address. om | nieuwe energie can not do that for you.

Plant a tree

If you are happy with Amsterdam Energie and om | nieuwe energie, and you want to introduce friends and neighbours, please go ahead. You will receive something in return. For this, you need your ‘ambassadeurscode’, a number you will find on your bill. Due to legal constraints, you cannot apply in the name of someone else, but if your friend/family member/neighbour fills in your code on their application form, you will receive a € 20,- discount on your next bill. If you want to spend the money on something sustainable, you can notify om | nieuwe energie to use the
€ 20,- to plant a tree in their food forest in the Noordoostpolder near Dronten. You put the code and add =boom. (‘boom’ means tree.) All this information you can also find at the om | nieuwe energie website.

om | nieuwe energie also offers other services, like a ‘laadpaal’, a charging station, for your electric car.

If you have any queries about om | nieuwe energie, you may give them a call at 020-3377038. Or send your query to amsterdamenergie@samenom.nl

Should you need an independent look at Dutch energy providers and how they compare on price and sustainability: the Dutch Consumers’ Association Consumentenbond runs this website.